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Bundles - Heirs to the Blood 2

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Heirs to the Blood 2

Power Pulses in the Vein
The descendants of Caine are many, and their blood is diverse. It may infuse a vampire with spiritual hunger, or stony endurance, or the maddening touch of the fae. Bloodlines arise and struggle for power against the entrenched clans. The blood will prevail.

This set is a fixed assortment of 120 cards for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – 56 library cards and 64 crypt cards of clans Ahrimanes, Daughters of Cacophony, Kiasyd, Salubri, Salubri antitribu and True Brujah. All were first created for the original Heirs of Blood expansion 2010, since long out of print and in great demand among players.

Contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the bundle.


2 Darlene Killian
2 Dovey Ebfwe
2 Helen Fairchild
2 Sahana
2 Sylvie Helgon

2 Evil Jensen
2 Harlan Graves
2 Hillanvale
2 Janet Langer
2 Scout Youngwood

2 Arcadian, The
2 Greer Worder
2 Isanwayen
2 Myrna Goldman
2 Nitidas

2 Obaluaye
2 Matthew
2 Nahum Enosh
2 Serenna the White

2 Ariel
2 Azrael
2 Qawiyya el-Ghaduba
2 Silas
2 Uriel

2 Al-Muntathir, God’s Witness
2 Lydia, Grand Praetor
2 Mikael Birkholm
2 Shalmath

Crypt cards subtotal: 56


2 Ailing Spirit, The
1 Amulet of Temporal Perception
1 Benefit Performance
1 Black Beast, The
1 Blessing of the Beast
2 Charge of the Buffalo
1 Cheat the Fates
1 Code of Samiel
1 Command Performance
1 Dabbler
2 Dagger
2 Death Seeker
1 Draeven Softfoot
2 Ears of the Hare
2 Faerie Wards
1 Fanfare For Elysium
2 Gift of Sleep
1 Great Symposium
2 Gremlins
1 Harmony
2 Hide the Heart
1 Joumlon’s Axe
1 Journal of Hrorsh
1 Lily Prelude
2 Lord of Serenity
2 Loving Agony
1 Member of the Entourage
2 Mole’s Tunneling
2 Morphean Blow
1 New Moon Sigil
2 Outside the Hourglass
1 Path of Harmony, The
2 Penitent Resilience
2 Pocket Out of Time
2 Safe Passage
1 Scarlet Lore
4 Shattering Crescendo
2 Spirit Claws
1 Tinglestripe
1 Vaticination
2 Virtuosa
1 Visionquest

Library cards subtotal: 64

Grand total: 120

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