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Fifth Edition - Salubri

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The Salubri are warriors and healers who tread the path of Golconda – ultimate redemption from the Kindred curse. But with this path comes suspicion and persecution, as the power to heal brings with it the power to harm. They are both hunters and hunted in their pursuit of enlightenment.

This deck relies on vigilance and protection. Your vampires use their powers of Auspex to foresee enemy moves and Fortitude to make their bodies nigh-indestructible in combat. When the time is right, you launch upon your prey, using mind-swaying Dominate powers to damage your foes.

This is a deck with 77 library cards and 12 crypt cards, ready for play out of the box or customizable with other Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards. Each player needs a deck to play.


Contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the deck.

2 Abaddon (NEW)
1 Aniel (NEW)
1 Castellan (NEW)
1 Dominica (NEW)
1 Ilonka (NEW)
2 Malachi (NEW)
1 Opikun (NEW)
1 Sakhar (NEW)
1 Seraphina (NEW)
1 Yael (NEW)

1 Anarch Troublemaker
2 Blood Doll
1 Guardian Angel
1 KRCG News Radio
1 Meditative Grove (NEW)
1 Powerbase: Montreal
1 Saulot’s Avenging Fist (NEW)
1 Saulot’s Guiding Wisdom (NEW)
1 Saulot’s Healing Touch (NEW)
2 Vessel

4 Govern the Unaligned
4 Feast of the Soul’s Secrets (NEW)

1 Bowl of Convergence
1 Ivory Bow
1 Sword of the Archangel (NEW)

4 Bonding
4 Forced Confessional (NEW)
4 Freak Drive
2 Seduction
4 Unleashing the Bestial Soul (NEW)

3 Hidden Strength
3 Indomitability
2 Rolling with the Punches
3 Touch of Valeren (NEW)
4 Weighted Walking Stick

3 Deflection
2 Delaying Tactics
2 Eagle’s Sight
2 Enhanced Senses
4 Eyes of Argus
2 My Enemy’s Enemy
2 On the Qui Vive
4 Telepathic Misdirection